Spanish Audio Phrasebook at  The directory and community site for Alicante, Spain – foreign exchange specialists

Spanish Audio Phrasebook at The directory and community site for Alicante, Spain

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General phrases 

General phrases
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Learn Spanish

- pronounced Oh-la (O as in hot, A as the U in hut)
- pronounced Add-di-os (O as in hot, I as in pin)
Good morningBuenos días
- pronounced Boo-eh-nos di-as (I as in pin)
Good afternoonBuenas tardes
- pronounced Boo-eh-nas tar-dess
Good eveningBuenas noches
- pronounced Boo-eh-nas notch-es
Do you speak English?¿Habla Inglés?
- pronounced Ab-lah in-gless (A as the U in hut)
Could you repeat that please?¿Podría repetirlo porfavor?
- pronounced Pod-ree-ah rep-pet-tear-loh por fah-vor (Tear as in crying not splitting!)
I'm sorry, I only speak a little Spanish.Lo siento, sólo hablo un poco de Español
- pronounced Loh see-en-toh, soh-loh ab-loh kon poh-koh de ess-pan-ni-ol (O as in hot, OO as in foot)
- pronounced See
- pronounced No (O is soft as in not, not hard as in no)
Thank youGracias
- pronounced Grah-thee-as
You're welcomeDe nada
- pronounced De nah-dah (A as the U in hut)
I'm SorryLo siento
- pronounced Loh see-en-toh (O as in hot)
What's your name?¿Cómo te llamas?
- pronounced Koh-moh teh yah-mas (Te as in telephone)
My name isMe llamo
- pronounced May yah-moh
How old are you?¿Cuántos años tienes?
- pronounced Koo-an-tos ah-ni-os tee-en-ess (O as in hot)
Are you Spanish?¿Eres español(a)?
- pronounced Air-ess ess-pan-ni-ol (male) / Air-ess ess-pan-ni-ol-la (female)
I'm EnglishSoy inglés
- pronounced Soy in-gless (male) (female is Soy in-gless-sah)
Where do you live?¿Dónde vives?
- pronounced Don-deh vee-vess
I live in LondonVivo en Londres
- pronounced Vee-voh en lon-dress (O as in hot)

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Spanish Audio Phrasebook at The directory and community site for Alicante, Spain, Alicante Spain
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